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A Sustainable Practice

At The Serenity Space we’re all about improving ourselves, our communities, and our world. We believe little habits can make a big impact over time, and we want our impact to be a positive one. That’s why one of the founding goals of The Serenity Space is to be sustainable. We try to achieve this in several different ways:

-We have are a paper-free practice. All of our client notes, wellness programs, and other documents are securely stored using electronic systems, eliminating paper waste.

-We price our appointments so that you can afford to stick with your program. Most practitioners in the wellness or alternative medicine fields charge more than double our costs for an appointment. That sort of structure ends up pricing people out of the field—it turns wellness and self-care into a market that only the wealthy can afford. At The Serenity Space we believe our program can help anyone, and thus we try to make it accessible to everyone. Our $40 price tag—$30 for students—comes with no additional charges, surprises, or costs.  You can come as much or as little as you want: whatever feels sustainable for your schedule. 

-We donate 5% of our total income (not just profits!) to charitable foundations, including community foundations and environmental foundations, through our Sustainable Giving Campaign

-Our practice builds people up so that they in turn are more confident and capable of giving back to their communities. 

Come see what all the fuss is about and book an appointment at The Serenity Space today by calling or texting Ben Tipper at 443.602.5071. We’ll help you take care of yourself and  your world.  

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