Sustainable Giving Campaign 

The Sustainable Giving Campaign is an annual one-week fundraising campaign for nonprofit organizations working to build a more sustainable future in Baltimore. 


This year we are fundraising for CASA de Maryland's Solidarity Fund from Sunday 5/3 to Friday 5/8: a fund providing direct monetary relief to immigrants in Baltimore in response to COVID-19. 


We have chosen the solidarity fund over other COVID-19 fundraising efforts such as Baltimore's COVID-19 relief fund because we believe the solidarity fund will have more of an impact with less money going towards overhead and administration. 


About CASA de Maryland


CASA de Maryland (CASA) is the foremost immigrant and working-class organization in the mid-Atlantic region and a national leader in supporting immigrant families and ensuring that all individuals have the core supports necessary for full participation in society. CASA was founded in 1985, is a registered 501(c)3 in Maryland, and its mission is to create a more just society by building power and improving the quality of life in low-income immigrant communities. 

CASA's Solidarity Fund


CASA members and the immigrant community across the region are facing extraordinary economic hardships, confronting possible eviction, a lack of food, an inability to pay for prescription medicine in the middle of COVID-19, all on top of the challenges they faced already as immigrants. That's why CASA has created the Solidarity Fund, which will provide direct cash benefits to our members to help pay for their immediate needs. Undocumented and mixed-status families will not be getting a checks in the mail from the federal government, and without you and your investment in the Solidarity Fund, many families face complete disaster. We know direct financial support for members is unusual for CASA, but these are extraordinary times and we must act now.​

Ready to Help? Here's how:

1. Go to Casa de Maryland's Solidarity Fund donation page and make your donation before Friday 5/8/20. This donation goes directly to the CASA de Maryland 501(c)3 nonprofit. 

2. Forward your donation receipt emailed to you to to verify your donation. 

3. You're done! The amount you donated will be kept strictly and 100% confidential, and used only to track the sum total donated through our Sustainable Giving Campaign. If you would like to receive mailings or further information from CASA please let me know when you forward your donation receipt. 

Your donation means a great deal to immigrant families in Baltimore during a particularly challenging time. Thank you for your help.  


  • Trust: Our local nonprofit recipients are carefully vetted organizations creating efficient change. 

  • Impact: Our collective gift enables immediate programming and action we couldn't inspire individually.

  • Value: Administrative work for the campaign is volunteered, no fees are taken. 

  • Ease: One online donation to a nonprofit, without being added to a mailing list, with no extra work. 

  • Intent: Setting aside funds to give annually is better than lump-sum and spontaneous donations. 

The Sustainable Giving Campaign hopes to promote sustainability in two ways: by funding local community-building and environmental work and by encouraging our donors to think about giving annually and regularly. Our hope is that our donors eventually consider giving a percentage of their annual income to nonprofit organizations every year. Giving a percentage of income helps people be more generous during good financial times and also allows people to feel less pressured when they don't have as much financially. 

$6,150 raised

  • $3,106 raised for the St. Francis Neighborhood Center 

  • $2,726 raised for Blue Water Baltimore

  • $318 raised for other Baltimore nonprofits 

$6,085 raised

$8,216 raised

$17,846 raised

Total Raised

  • An additional $5,000 to the Maryland Food Bank