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Sustainable Giving Campaign 

The Sustainable Giving Campaign is an annual one-week fundraising campaign for nonprofit organizations working to build a more sustainable future in Baltimore. 2023's campaign will take place in late Spring / early summer. If you have a Baltimore nonprofit that could use a fundraising campaign please send me an email at


In 2022 from July 31th-August 8th we fundraised $13,329 for Baltimore Green Space! A few words on Baltimore Green Space and their mission:

Baltimore Green Space is Baltimore’s environmental land trust. We promote vibrant
neighborhoods and a healthy environment through land preservation, research, and
community advocacy. Baltimore Green Space was founded in 2007 by a group of community
gardeners who wanted to see their communities’ treasured open spaces remain available to

As a conservation land trust we preserve 8 food gardens, 5 pocket parks, 2 forests, and a
horseshoe pit which totals currently just over 7 acres of land. We are in the process of
protecting 3 more food spaces, including one community farm. Additionally, we are working
with partners to finalize an easement on Masonville Cove. We also serve 10-15 forests and their
forest stewards caring for community forest patches in the Forest Stewardship Network. All of
these spaces are sacred to their communities providing space for food, family, and fun.
These spaces provide crucial ecological benefits to their communities both human
and non-human. Our programs served over 600 neighbors last year and our forest program
removed over 1,000 bags of invasives and trash from forests with communities.

Our vision is to be a leader and partner in ensuring that communities’ open spaces and forest
patches are considered priority assets in the growth and redevelopment of Baltimore. We
believe that green spaces provide unmatched opportunities for recreation, civic engagement,
and community revitalization. It is essential to retain existing natural spaces that have
ecological value and biodiversity. Our impact includes the scientifically documented social,
health, environmental, and economic benefits that create strong neighborhoods and a vibrant

How to Help:

1. Click HERE 
To make a tax-deductible donation to the Baltimore Green Space.

2. Forward your donation receipt to so I can update our total fundraised.

Total Donated: 


What we've accomplished so far:

$6,150 raised

  • $3,106 raised for the St. Francis Neighborhood Center 

  • $2,726 raised for Blue Water Baltimore

  • $318 raised for other Baltimore nonprofits 


$6,085 raised


$8,216 raised

Sustainable Giving 2019 Thank You.png

$17,846 raised

Casa thank you.png
  • An additional $5,000 to the Maryland Food Bank


$13,631 raised

2021 Thank you black women build.jpg
  • An additional $1,225 for Tyrone's Ice Cream Cart business


$13,429 raised

Baltimore Green Space Thank you.jpg
Why Donate through The Sustainable Giving Campaign?
  • Trust: Our local nonprofit recipients are carefully vetted organizations creating efficient change. 

  • Impact: Our collective gift enables immediate programming and action we couldn't inspire individually.

  • Value: Administrative work for The Sustainable Giving Campaign is volunteered. All funds go directly to the nonprofit.

  • Ease: One online donation to a nonprofit, without being added to a mailing list, with no extra work. 

  • Intent: Setting aside funds to give annually is better than lump-sum and spontaneous donations. 

The Sustainable Giving Campaign hopes to promote sustainability in two ways: by funding local community-building and environmental work and by encouraging our donors to think about giving annually and regularly. Our hope is that our donors eventually consider giving a percentage of their annual income to nonprofit organizations every year. Giving a percentage of income helps people be more generous during good financial times and also allows people to feel less pressured when they don't have as much financially. 

Raised since 2017

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