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Sustainable Giving Campaign 

The Sustainable Giving Campaign is an annual one-week fundraising campaign for nonprofit organizations working to build a more sustainable future in Baltimore. 2023's campaign will take place in late Spring / early summer. If you have a Baltimore nonprofit that could use a fundraising campaign please send me an email at


In 2022 we are hoping to fundraise $8,000 for Black Women Build Baltimore, a nonprofit that trains black women in carpentry, electrical, and plumbing by restoring vacant and deteriorated houses in West Baltimore. We are fundraising from Monday 6/14 to Sunday 6/20. 

About Black Women Build Baltimore


Black Women Build-Baltimore was founded in 2017 by Shelley Halstead who believes that for black women to build intergenerational wealth, with the inherent security and prosperity it can generate, they must also learn the skills necessary to maintain that wealth. Home ownership and the ability to maintain that asset is one way this can be achieved.

Shelley founded Black Women Build-Baltimore with a strong belief in the power of knowledge, skills and opportunity to shape a woman’s life. She is passionate about creating opportunities for black women to thrive. Using an intersectional framework Black Women Build-Baltimore offers its holistic training program to capable women who are ready for change, and would not otherwise have the opportunity. 

$13,601 total raised. Thank you to everyone who donated!

Ready to Help? Here's how:

1. Go to Black Women Build Baltimore and click the orange "donate now" button at the top of the page to make your donation before Sunday 6/20/20. This donation goes directly to the Black Women Build Baltimore 501(c)3 nonprofit. 

2. Forward the donation receipt you are emailed to to verify your donation. 

3. You're done! The amount you donated will be kept strictly and 100% confidential, and used only to track the sum total donated through our Sustainable Giving Campaign. If you would like to receive mailings or further information from Black Women Build Baltimore please let me know when you forward your donation receipt. 

Extra help needed!

Tyrone, a homeless man who I see often in my neighborhood, has a dream of starting a small mobile business selling ice cream. He is looking to buy an Electric Ice Cream Bicycle Cart. I've known Tyrone for more than a year and he is a humble, resourceful, and charismatic friend. I am committed to purchasing this for him so he can get out of panhandling and try his hand at a small business. It's an expensive purchase $1,250 and I could use your help! We've talked a good bit about Tyrone's business plan. He has a place to store the bike safely. 

Venmo @TipperTheTruth or Paypal 443.602.5071 with the note attached "Ice cream cart" to support Tyrone's dream. I'll cover whatever doesn't get donated, and order the cart for him online. If you want to know more about why I think this is an idea worth pursuing or where you can meet Tyrone for ice cream when he's started up his business please ask. 

Thanks for considering -Ben 

What we've accomplished so far:

$6,150 raised

  • $3,106 raised for the St. Francis Neighborhood Center 

  • $2,726 raised for Blue Water Baltimore

  • $318 raised for other Baltimore nonprofits 


$17,846 raised

Casa thank you.png
  • An additional $5,000 to the Maryland Food Bank


$6,085 raised


$13,631 raised

2021 Thank you black women build.jpg
  • An additional $1,225 for Tyrone's Ice Cream Cart business


$8,216 raised

Sustainable Giving 2019 Thank You.png

Total Raised

Why Donate through The Sustainable Giving Campaign?
  • Trust: Our local nonprofit recipients are carefully vetted organizations creating efficient change. 

  • Impact: Our collective gift enables immediate programming and action we couldn't inspire individually.

  • Value: Administrative work for The Sustainable Giving Campaign is volunteered. All funds go directly to the nonprofit.

  • Ease: One online donation to a nonprofit, without being added to a mailing list, with no extra work. 

  • Intent: Setting aside funds to give annually is better than lump-sum and spontaneous donations. 

The Sustainable Giving Campaign hopes to promote sustainability in two ways: by funding local community-building and environmental work and by encouraging our donors to think about giving annually and regularly. Our hope is that our donors eventually consider giving a percentage of their annual income to nonprofit organizations every year. Giving a percentage of income helps people be more generous during good financial times and also allows people to feel less pressured when they don't have as much financially. 

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