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At The Serenity Space you will recieve a personalized wellness program. It will be based around your unique goals and needs, and will give you manageable activities and habits to help your self-care routine. Every program will look different, and be updated with each new visit. Below is an example of what a program might look like:

Sample Wellness Program for Imaginary Jane


  • Imaginary Jane has been doing well since her last biweekly visit.

  • Her daily self-care habits have been going well, but she still sometimes doesn’t get to them if she’s feeling rushed.

  • She did 10 pushups in a row for the first time ever on 7/17/16, and is ready to create some new fitness goals.

  • Her relationship with her brother John continues to upset her, and their arguments have gotten worse.

Self-Care Habits:

  • Continue your morning meditation. You’re doing so good with this! But do it first thing in the morning, right after brushing your teeth but before anything else, to make sure you do it every morning.

  • Don’t let John get you down! At this point in your life you’re fortunate enough not to have to interact with him, so when the interactions do start to turn sour, cut them off before you both end up spiraling. Walking away (or hanging up the phone!) is a preferred alternative.

  • Boost yourself out of your “slumps” when you recognize yourself slipping into one. Make an immediate physical change: what you’re doing, or where you are, or who you’re with---if you can’t make the mental change by yourself.

Fitness and Diet: Imaginary Jane’s exercise schedule (until next appointment).

  • Diet has been good, still no need to count calories with how healthy you eat and how active you are. Keep cooking those good meals!

Goals (to complete before next appointment):

  • No bad fights with John! Disengage any interactions turning ugly.

  • Do 12 pushups at once, and try to do 3 sets of 10 on Friday.

  • Meditate first thing in the morning every morning. You’ve seen what the 5 minutes does for your days, don’t give that up for the snooze button.

  • Take time out of your days to notice when things are going well for you. You’re doing so great with this program, and deserve to feel good about it.

Keep up the good work imaginary Jane :)  

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