Our Work Together

Ben offers appointments and classes virtually and in person. Whether you are interested in life coaching, goal setting, meditation and breathwork, yoga, fitness classes, or personal training Ben is here to help. To get started send an email to bmoreserene@gmail.com or give Ben a call at 443 602 5071.
The Serenity Space

Life Coaching and Serenity Space appointments book virtually and in-person. 15, 30, 45, 60, 90, and 120 minute appointments are available. In these appointments we will: 

  • Create and update your wellness program 

    • Track 8-10 measures correlated to ​happiness and health such as "sense of control" and "hours rested/feeling rested". Here is some of what we track and why we track it

    • Set and work towards your individualized goals 

  • Talk through roadblocks and difficulties 

  • Practice meditation, breathwork, yoga, and training  

  • Explore a wide range of modalities which help you care for yourself. Here is our full list of options.

Personal Training at Earth Treks

Ben offers 1 on 1 personal training at the Hampden and Timonium Earth Treks facilities. These state of the art facilities combined with Ben's extensive fitness and training background allow for immediate progress in: 

  • Bodyweight, calisthenics, and core movements

  • Kettlebell, dumbbell, and weighted strength training 

  • Training for weight loss and returning to exercise 

  • On and off the wall training for climbing 

  • Mobility, flexibility, proprioceptive, and balance work

Yoga and Fitness classes

Ben teaches an assortment of yoga and fitness classes virtually and throughout the Baltimore area. Group classes are an inexpensive option for cultivating strength and a connection to the self.

Tuesdays 6:00pm EST: 

45 minute virtual yin yoga. Email to register. 

Wednesday 6:15pm EST: 

30 minute core burn. Email to register. 

Wednesday 7:00pm EST: 

45 minute virtual yoga @ EarthTreks online 


If you have never taken a class with Ben before be sure to reach out about arranging a free first class (not available in all locations).