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Frequently Asked Questions 

What exactly is The Serenity Space?

            It’s a space I’ve designed in Towson to provide people with a peaceful, welcoming, and comfortable environment where we can work through The Holistic Process together. This includes private instructions in self-care exercises such as yoga, meditation, and breathwork, wellness coaching through conversations and individually designed programs, and more. When you’re in The Serenity Space you are in a peaceful, supportive, and non-judgmental place. The time we spend here together will help you find peace within yourself, and will help you on your journey to becoming a better, happier person.

What sort of people do you usually see at The Serenity Space? Can you help me with [your issue here]?

            I see all types of people! I help people holistically, which means I'm happy to help with physical, mental, and spiritual problems, and I specialize in integrating the care of all three of these facets of ourselves into one holistic program. It is important to note that I am not a medical professional. For my clients that do have serious medical issues I leave treatment of those issues up to licensed specialists while we work together holistically to focus on smaller steps towards peace and self-improvement.  

How much does my appointment cost? How long does it take? How can I pay?

            Visits are generally scheduled for 50 minutes, from the hour until 10 of the next (I.E. 3:00pm-3:50pm). Visits are $40. I offer discounts for current full-time students. Payment in full is due at the time of your visit, and I accept cash, all major credit cards, and checks. Your receipt will be emailed to you immediately at the time of payment. For a limited time first appointments for new clients are entirely free! Longer visits are also available for those who need more time, and are priced at a $40/hour rate.

I’m interested in scheduling an appointment, what comes next?

            Please call me (Ben Tipper) at 443.602.5071 to set up your first appointment. You are also welcome to text me, leave a voicemail, or send an email to Generally we will be able to schedule your first appointment within a week from when we first get in touch. I am happy to work with people who have difficult and demanding schedules as I have evening and some weekend appointment slots available.

What do normal appointments consist of?

            The Serenity Space offers a variety of different services and appointments will be built around what will be most helpful to you in your own personal journey. With our standard holistic approach, we will typically spend the first 10 minutes of your 50 minute appointment on a self-care exercise in order to get centered and focused for the rest of our time together. The next 30 minutes will be spent in empathetic conversation, wherein we’ll go over how things have been since we last met and discuss successes and setbacks you've had in your self-improvement journey. Finally, in the last 10 minutes we’ll review your wellness program, track the progress you've made thus far, and make any changes to your program that might help you better achieve your goals. This is all flexible and customizable: ultimately our appointments together are time devoted to taking care of you in whatever way is best for you in the moment.

When should I arrive for my appointment? What should I bring?

           When you do arrive at The Berkshires building please call me on the intercom and I will let you inside. If you are more than 5 minutes early to your appointment I ask that you please wait in the ground floor lobby until 5 of the hour when I'll be done with my previous appointment. I recommend arriving 5 minutes early to your appointment.  If you have a 1:00 visit you will be charged the same $40 whether we start at 12:55 or 1:10, and for both of those arrivals we will finish at 1:50—so get here early to maximize your appointment time! 

Where are you located?

The Berkshires Apartment Building
Suite 1012
204 E Joppa Rd
Towson, MD, 21286

I’m at The Berkshires apartment building for my appointment, where do I park? How do I get inside?

            Park in the back lot behind the building. You will see signs that say “Resident parking only” and “Towing enforced”, but do not panic! If you look closely you will also see that the towing signs specify “Towing enforced 8pm through 8am”. The Berkshires does not tow during the day specifically so that people can come and visit, so please, park in our lot and save yourself the walk and the money of street parking! Once parked, please call me on the intercom inside the sliding doors and I will remotely let you into the building. Then feel free to come right up to suite 1012 if it's time for your appointment or wait on the ground floor lobby if you're more than 5 minutes early. 

What should I do if I need to cancel or change an appointment? Are there any fees for cancellation?

            If you need to cancel or change an appointment, please call or text me at 443 602 5071 as soon as you find out. If you call and I don’t pick up, please leave a brief message. I will be in touch to confirm I’ve received it. If you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment I will charge you a $20 cancellation fee. Scheduling is one of the trickiest parts of this business, so I appreciate your efforts to honor our appointments together and schedule times which will work well for both of us.

What is the holistic process?

            It is the process of improving your whole self—of addressing the needs of your mind, body, and spirit—with balance, perspective, and intention. I’ve written more about it here.

What do you mean when you say you’re a “sustainable practice”?

With The Serenity Space I have tried to create something that is sustainable and beneficial for me, my clients, and the planet for many years to come. I’ve written more about it here.

Will my medical insurance help pay for our visits?

            I am not a medical professional, and The Serenity Space is not a medical practice. Insurance companies will not pay for my services. My goal is to be affordable even without the help of your insurance company—to fill the gap that often exists in America today which leaves people choosing between expensive medical specialists or no care at all.

Does Ben offer any services or classes outside of The Serenity Space?            

           Yes! I offer group yoga classes, fitness classes, and private personal training at settings outside of The Serenity Space. Find out more about where I'm currently teaching here.

I’m interested in learning more, where can I find out more information?

  • To book an appointment, please call or text 443 602 5071 or email

  • To learn more about Benjamin Tipper, please click here.

Thanks for reading!

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